Very Inspiring Blogger Award: Regifting part 2

Very Inspiring Blogger AwarThank you Pussy of the Cliterary Review for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I must admit this touched me deeply….and not in a sexy way. I’m thrilled that people are reading and enjoying and feeling like they can relate to my blog.

So here are the seven things you probably don’t know about me….Kitten, or Kit for those who knows me.

1) I’ve been a bad girl and given a blow job and had sex in a Church……..while there were people there. Yes! I am delightfully evil in that way.

2) One of my favourite things to do is give a blow job while the man receiving is using his crop on me.

3) I have had sex with a ‘virtual’ stranger in a park…..just after dusk.

4) I have made it my life’s mission to give the best head humanly possible…..according to my last three lovers….SUCCESS!

5) I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, I’ve had sex on the hood of a car (I’m pretty sure there is a surveillance video of me somewhere out there), over the trunk of my car in broad daylight, a few parking lots…..a park….ok, if you read #3 you probably know this.

6) The first person who ever told me that they loved me was a woman……her husband thought I was pretty amazing too.

7) Underneath it all, I’m a caring, family oriented person who loves kids, my dog and cats.

Now for the very inspiring bloggers I love.

1) Writing The Body : You have been following me right from the beginning! I love your honesty, I love your passion and underneath it all I feel a kinship with you in our masochistic ways.

2) Submitting To Him: What I like about this blog is that it’s real….It’s not very often that you read about husbands and wives exploring BDSM.

3) Surrendered Heart: I hear so much of myself in this woman’s posts.

4) Her Shattered Reflections: I love the sweet pieces of truth you find here. If I could say anything to her I would say…..remember you are not alone, many of us share your feelings.

5) A Butterfly’s Joy: Who doesn’t love a good cooking blog??

6) Befogtheantagonist: I’ve only just started reading this blog, but I’m looking forward to the stories to come!

And last but not least…….

7) Break me Faster: I’m nominating this blog, because as a writer I understand the power of expression…..You sound like you need to talk….know that you have a voice, and there are people (raises hand) who are willing, and eager to listen….and above all else, remember this too shall pass.

So that is me…..tell me about you??