Fate or Coincidence

I found him first, and then he found me

Two worlds collided, the reason unseen

He’d call it coincidence, and I’d call fate

Whatever reason we met for our date

He led with his mind and I, with my heart

Yet there was chemistry right from the start

He’d meet every argument with research and fact

I relied on instinct, prone to overreact

He knew what he wanted, and I was unsure

He’s filled with confidence, where I’m insecure

His life, like his home, is uncluttered and clean

For me it’s been complicated, a sight best left unseen

For him, everything sits in its chosen place

Yet my cluttered life I still struggle to face

He gave me everything, and I threw it away

A few bad decisions I regret to this day

He’ll never forgive me, I’m not sure he should

I’d still beg on my knees if I thought that he would

It’s hard to imagine how things could be

If I’d never betrayed him, or if he’d never met me

There’s no going back, as much as I’ve tried

My life feels so empty, I’ve no tears left to cry

Still life goes on, at least so they say

One step, then another, I’ll soon find my way

Submission vs neediness

Today I am thinking about the line between submission and neediness. For the most part I believe it is part of a submissive’s nature to be dependant on her Dom for things like affection, boundaries, reassurance etc. However, is there a time where it is to much for the Dom?

Perhaps that’s a danger with the blurring lines between a shades of grey relationship and the bond between Dom and sub. In one case you may be doing and feeling exactly as you should while in the next you could be that needy clingy girl no one really likes.

How does one properly navigate an uncharted ocean? Who do you turn to for guidance when no one can know who you really are behind closed doors?