Where, oh where?

I find myself starting to write over and over again, and each time I erase it all.

I feel like I have a bunch of pieces missing, like I’ve left a critical piece of me behind and I’m trying to grasp a hold on the memory of them. In September I started taking anti anxiety and depression meds and I felt like the sub in me was disappearing. It was a numbness, over everything, I forgot what it was to desire or be desired.

Now that I’m not taking them, I feel myself waking up. Only things are different now. With out my Dom I feel lost, empty inside, like in a story on Literotica on mind control, hypnotism and bdsm, I feel like I am walking around in a fog.

Is that how it is with all of us? Do we all feel so lost without our Doms? We get a taste and are driven mad when the memory of it fades. Maybe that is why so many of us jump into the arms of just anyone, risking our hearts and sometimes our bodies and lives by not properly screening our Doms.

Vile describes it well in here, we risk so much by just leaping into this. So the question becomes how do we do this the right way? How do you meet the right Dom? Where is He if not on Collarme?

I’m going to try this a different way. I’m going to try to start meeting some subs in my area, let me see who else is out there and what their experiences have been.

Wish me luck!

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