3 thoughts on “Marks for Mondays

  1. writingthebody says:

    is that your skin….I find it is ok to post our bruises…..no one can see the rest of us!

    • kitten says:

      No I did post a pic of my cane marks in bad scene though

      • writingthebody says:

        Dear Kitten
        I will check that out (and those are my bruises in the gifs and pix too from some time ago). I was shocked by your last post, and had been trying to find words to respond to it (and just reading back through your last few posts when I came across the fact you nominated me for an award…so now I am trying to write you two posts at once!

        Please forgive me, and I am all out of order, but you know, I loved what you said in your list….O god I am so sorry things have gone wrong!

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