Don’t mistake me

After a week of illness I am back, and ready to tackle a subject I have been hesitant to touch on as of yet.

There is this misconception through out the vanilla community, women to be specific, that to be submissive is to declare a war on feminism. They believe that submission in one such as me means that I believe I am not the equal to men; that I believe my worth, intelligence and value as a worker or even as a human is less than that of my male counter parts.

To them I shake my little blonde head and smile indulgently.

I am by no means a weak woman. I know my worth to my family, my friends, and my employer. I know that in any vanilla relationship I am well worth any emotional upheaval I may put you through.

Just because I give myself over to a man after careful consideration, does not mean I believe that every man out there is my equal, let alone my superior.

I guess you could say I am offended by this misunderstanding. I struggle with websites that insist I call everyone Sir, not because I wish to be rude, or even that I would be less than respectful, but because as my Dom would say:

“You bow your head to no one but me.”

I am very selective with giving any part of myself away, I do not trust easily, and because of this I believe it is worth more. When I gave myself to him, he knew that it was because I saw in him those special traits I could see in no other.

Weakness is not valued in Doms, nor in subs. What thrill is there in dominating anyone who will lay down to anyone who claims to be a dominant? Isn’t there some unique pleasure to be obtained from receiving the submission of one who demands respect from the world?

Do not mistake my submission for weakness…..I will surprise you.


8 thoughts on “Don’t mistake me

  1. Reblogged this on A Journey of Submission and commented:
    Once again, Kit has taken the words right out of my mouth… So true & I also wish others could understand it.

  2. My Owner is the same way and doesn’t want me submissive to anybody but Him… I am grateful for that.

  3. p.s. glad you are feeling better.

  4. Arina says:

    This is great! I can tell you, though, that our society has a misconstrued notion of what feminism was intended to be for women.

  5. Rubber Bound Princess says:

    I submit only to My Master, no one else, and it was my choice to surrender to him, I wasnt forced in any way, I may have a submissive nature but I am not a doormat in way shape or form. in fact I find that by submitting to him I have become stronger, wiser and much more free x thanky o for this blog I complete agree with everything you have said x

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