Submission vs neediness

Today I am thinking about the line between submission and neediness. For the most part I believe it is part of a submissive’s nature to be dependant on her Dom for things like affection, boundaries, reassurance etc. However, is there a time where it is to much for the Dom?

Perhaps that’s a danger with the blurring lines between a shades of grey relationship and the bond between Dom and sub. In one case you may be doing and feeling exactly as you should while in the next you could be that needy clingy girl no one really likes.

How does one properly navigate an uncharted ocean? Who do you turn to for guidance when no one can know who you really are behind closed doors?

3 thoughts on “Submission vs neediness

  1. I haven’t figured that one out. My instinct is to go back to my old self and push people away. I can do it! Yesterday I stripped and fixed frayed wiring on my vacuum cleaner all by myself. See. I can do it myself.

  2. […] likes” as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts which I made after reading a post from My Little Known Truth where she so eloquently expressed what I couldn’t put into […]

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